Spyder review

Movie: Spyder
Rating: 2/5
Cast: Mahesh babu, rakul preet singh, s.j.surya
Music: harish jayraj
directed by: murugadass
Release date: Sep 27 2017


Artist's Performance:




SPYder is an intelligent Thriller with many mass appealing fights. It's a war between an Intelligence bureau officer who helps others in their troubles and a Psycho who takes pleasure in others wails. How the Bureau spy chase the case and catch the Psycho is the whole story. Shiva (Mahesh Babu) love to help others. He join Intelligence Bureau and works in surveillance wing, He listen to phone calls and help them if they are in trouble. One phone call shifts his whole focus on Bhairavudu (SJ Suryah), a psycho killer who find pleasure in strangers yowl. How Shiva catches Bhairavadu with his investigative skills is rest of the story. Mahesh Babu didn't suit for this role. He is a star actor in Tollywood and his character, characterization didn't match his star value. Though his character doesn't have any heroic values, the Star Hero Mahesh Babu portrayed the role with ease. He did complete justice to the film. Rakul Preet Singh is perfect in her role. She was just their for songs and few romantic scenes. She has nothing to do with main stream story. SJ Suryah character is biggest highlight in this film. His performance is jaw-dropping and he delivered with perfection. More or less, he imitated Joker's character from Hollywood film 'Dark Knight'. Movie lovers can watch this film for his role and performance. Other characters will come and go. Harrish Jayaraj background score will be another highlight in this film. Few scenes like Rock episode, Climax and Ladies SPY episodes are major highlight and Harris Jayaraj's background score has lifted these scenes to next level. Songs are weak with feeble lyrics. Cinematography by Santhosh Sivan is another highlight, Visuals are very natural and real. Editing could have been better and few shots can be trimmed. Dialogues are not good. It's look like we are watching a Dubbing film. Story is not fresh but few innovative scenes brings fresh look to the film. Screenplay is weak in second half. Though the rock episode is one of the highlight scenes, it is useless in the film. The Ladies SPY episode is very weak and not at all entertaining. The screenplay is delicate and predictable. Director AR Murugadoss tried portraying the old story with different screenplay, few are good but many uninteresting episodes and predictable screenplay killed the essence of the film. SPYder is richly made with technical brilliance but weak, predictable screenplay made this film very boring. If you are an Mahesh Babu fan, then you will be disappointed for sure. If you are SJ Suryah's fans, then this film is for you.

Bottom-line: SPYder - Stay away from this film.