Golmaal again review

published date:October-20-2017 15:13:28 IST

Here one must say, it is to Rohit Shetty's credit that he never lets you get too fidgety. Gags, fights, songs, giggles, ghosts, here is a buffet you can overdose on. At times, you actually admonish yourself for being stupid but you can't help but guffaw. As far as performances go, Tabu as the 'exorc

Raja the great review

published date:October-18-2017 16:36:04 IST

Being a mass commercial hero, Ravi Teja doing such kind of role is a dare attempt and he should get big round of applause. A director should take every care to deliver such kind of story. But director failed to deliver a logic full film. Though the film was made commercially, Many loose loops will s

Raja the great review

published date:October-18-2017 14:14:03 IST

ఇలాంటి పాత్ర‌ల‌ను హీరోలు అంగీక‌రించ‌డం వ‌ల్ల త‌ప్ప‌కుండా కొత్త క‌థ‌లు వ‌స్తాయ‌న‌డంలో సందేహం లేదు. కానీ ఇలాంట

రాజు గారి గది 2 రివ్యూ.

published date:October-13-2017 16:27:39 IST

ఇందులో రెండు విష‌యాల‌ను ప‌రిశీలించాల్సి ఉంటుంది. అందులో న‌టీన‌టులు విషయానికి వ‌స్తే..నాగార్జున సినిమాలో మెంట

Raju gari gadhi 2 review

published date:October-13-2017 14:51:54 IST

The background score of the film is one of the major highlights. SS Thaman has taken this film to next level. Abburi Ravi's dialogues are another highlight. There are many heart touching dialogues. "Ammayi ane padham loni Amma undi' dialogue is heart melting. Cinematography by R Diwakaran is crystal